And sometimes in the middle of all the sex someone would put a hand on my shoulder or brush my lips with a kiss or move gentle fingers on the top of my head, and I thought… yes. And I thought… 


I thought, this is a long way to go for a moment of tenderness.

From the acclaimed International touring company Starving Artists. Double Fringe First winners and both The Stage & Manchester Evening News Best Actor Award. 


Let Me Look At You is the newest performance piece from award-winning Starving Artists Theatre Company. Hilarious and touching. Stand-up meets solo theatre in this personal story from the gay “movement”. Grounded in history and battered by camp, a fifty-something gay man shares his misadventures while quietly having a nervous breakdown himself. On the fiftieth anniversary of the U.K.’s Sexual Offenses Act, Starving Artists offers up the oft-ignored warning: things haven't changed all that much.



 “It’s not the homosexuals but the gays I can’t stand”



The Wolfenden Report.

Fierce women under arrest at the Black Cat bar in Los Angeles.

 And the oncoming plague years.

… a sense of revolution, that things can never be the same again.

Time, and experience, and history - unyielding and pitiless teachers. And yet… 

there is still time to laugh, to fall in love, to desire and hold. There is still time to dance.


"...they succeeded magificently, in a considered, beautifully nuanced performance by Mark Pinkosh of a wonderfully witty text by Godfrey Hamilton."

-David Kettle, The List 

Touring Great Britain September 2018 - May 2019

Created by Mark Pinkosh (performer), Godfrey Hamilton (writer), David Prescott (director) and Ruth Mitchell (dramaturg)